Visual Electrophysiology Course

To access this course, and others, you need to register with e-Learning for Health. You will need a valid NHS email address to fully access the course – any address ending in or should work.

Visit this page: and click Register. You will need to enter your name, country and region, staff group, e.g. Clinical Scientist, grade and primary speciality, e.g. ophthalmology. Then you need to enter your start date; if you have been in post for more than a few months, it will be easier to click the text box and then click on the “X” that appears and manually enter the date rather than use the calendar. The format is e.g. DD Mmm YYYY. Then select your work address by entering the postcode. Selecting your workplace can be confusing as there may be several entries for the one address, each subtly different depending on which NHS services are based at the site. Then click “Register”.

Once you have logged on, select “View Full Catalogue” to see all the courses that are available to you. There are lots. Find and select “Ophthalmology (Eye Site)”, then select “Eye-Site 12 – Neurophysiology”. The available sessions will be listed. Select the “12_01 Introduction to Visual Electrophysiology” session, or whichever one you wish to start with.

Make sure that you understand the material and have correctly answered all the questions before you close a session.



Healthcare Science Training Programme

A new training scheme developed for Healthcare Scientists and Practitioners by the Department of Health under the Modernising Scientific Careers programme is being phased-in across the UK. Details for recruits and recruiters can be found here. Recruitment to the new scheme began in September 2011 for most of England (except the Northern region). Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will continue for now using the older Clinical Scientist Training Scheme detailed here.