Two of the main aims of BriSCEV are to promote and extend the knowledge of clinical electrophysiology of vision and also to provide guidance on education and training, and on professional standards.


ISCEV has published the following compilations of protocols. These have been made public access from the Springer website but can also be accessed below.



ISCEV Standard for full-field clinical electroretinography (ERG)
(2015 update)


ISCEV Standard for clinical visual evoked potentials (VEP)

(2016 update)


ISCEV Standard for clinical pattern electroretinography (PERG)
 (2012 update)


ISCEV Standard for clinical electro-oculography (EOG)
(2017 update)


ISCEV Standard for clinical multifocal electroretinography (mfERG)
 (2011 edition)


ISCEV Guide to visual electrodiagnostic procedures


ISCEV Guidelines for calibration of stimulus and recording parameters used in
clinical electrophysiology of vision


ISCEV extended protocol for the dark-adapted red flash ERG


ISCEV extended protocol for the photopic On-Off ERG


ISCEV extended protocol for the photopic negative response (PhNR) of the full-field electroretinogram



Information on professional guidance for scientists, optometrist and clinicians have been produced by the Accademy of Healthcare Clinical Science (AHCS), the college of optometrists and the general medical council (GMC) respectivelly. Links to all three sets of guidlines can be found below. 


AHCS- Good scientific practice 


College of Optometrists- Professional guidance


General Medical Council- Good medical practice


A set of SOP's from a university based lab has been made available by one of our members as a guideline for other labs that may be involved in preparing for either the CQC or IQUIPS process. We hope to publish SOPs from a hospital based lab in the near future. Documents published by Alison Charig and Andrew Pellew-Nabbs, providing an introduction and other relevant topics for IQUIPS are also provided below.  


University Lab SOP





 Useful Links


The International Society for Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision




ISCEV holds a one-day meeting ISCEV@ARVO prior to the annual ARVO event




 ISCEV has a regular presence at The European Association for

Vision and Eye Research meeting






International Evoked Response Audiometry Study Group